Thanksgiving: Practical Preparations

It’s Thanksgiving week, y’all. I love this time of year, not just because of all the extra cooking and baking I get to do. There is something magical about this short season, where we can choose to spend more time focusing on all the things we’re thankful for.

This will be the third Thanksgiving where I’m putting on my big girl hat and cooking up a semi-traditional meal for our little family. One thing I appreciate is that I don’t have to worry about hosting a large group or impressing others, except my dear husband. He’s super easy to please, thankfully. Though, I wouldn’t mind it if I had to do Thanksgiving for a big group. Anyone want to come over?

All that aside, there are definitely some practical things I’ve picked up along the way that make the actual Thanksgiving Day a lot less stressful and running smoothly. I’m certainly no expert and these things might work perfectly for us, but like everything else in life you will find what works best for you. Whether you’re planning for 2 or 20, I strongly believe that all these practical tips will be helpful to make your Thanksgiving meal a success!

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First Trimester Favorites

Does anyone else get a kick out of reading about other people’s preferences and likes/dislikes? For me, it can be fascinating to take a peek into how other people do things or what things they like. It’s like if you came over to our house and looked inside our refrigerator or closet.

I know that when I was pregnant with our son two years ago, I loved reading about all the different recommendations and lists of favorite products. Some things are more personal than others but there are some great ideas out there and many times, reading those lists is how I come across new things to try. Also, there were no where near the abundance of products or information that we have at our disposal now. It can be overwhelming!

Obviously, please feel free to disregard this post if it doesn’t interest you or apply to you. Even though at this point I’m well into my second trimester, here’s a look at a few of my favorite things I relied on to get me through the first trimester of this pregnancy.

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listening to // mumford & sons, hillsong worship, classical music

reading // bread & wine by shauna niequist (so, so good)

dreaming of // a kid-free vacation (but yes, I would miss that little face)

making // dating my husband a priority

learning // to intentionally slow down

anticipating // our trip next month

wearing // comfy maternity clothes

My Favorite Natural Cold Remedies

Last Thursday, I started coming down with a cold. I didn’t want to believe it but sure enough, my throat was starting to feel scratchy and my nose was starting to get runny and stuffy. As the day progressed, things definitely went downhill pretty quickly. Needless to say, the weekend didn’t go as planned but at least I got plenty of rest and am feeling better today.

Over the past few years, we’ve slowly been replacing our medicine cabinet with more natural remedies. I’ll never forget the winter we were first married and took a look at what my husband had in his medicine cabinet. I was shocked at the amount of NyQuil, Sudafed, Halls Cough Drops, etc. that were in his arsenal. Now, I’m not here to start a debate about whether OTC medicines are good or evil…I’m just saying that coming from a more hippie-like background it was a shock to me seeing all that medicine. (There have certainly been occasions in the past where I’ve used one of the above, just not anytime in the last few years.)

However, these days you’ll find a much “cleaner and greener” medicine cabinet in our house especially with a toddler around and my current state of pregnancy. A lot of medicines and even natural herbal remedies aren’t safe during pregnancy and when given the alternative, I would much rather try the most natural remedies possible. Lastly, I know there are a million blog posts and information on the Internet about natural cold remedies and I’d be willing to say that it’s a popular Google search term this time of year as well, with winter colds making the rounds. This is just what I’ve found works best for me!

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