weekend reading 7.0

I’m stopping in reeeally late today with a few fun links I came across this week. It’s been the kind of week where our kids seem to be allergic to sleeping except for one 30 minute stretch of double-nap utopia yesterday. Sooooo, now you know. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and if you’re exhausted? Take a nap for me, please.

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FlyJoy Nutrition Bar GIVEAWAY

I’m always snacking. In fact, I most definitely could live off of snacking throughout the day rather than having 2 or 3 meals. Snacking is my jam. Since I’m always looking out for new ways to expand my snacking game and still keep things healthy, I was super excited when Madison reached out to me about sampling some FlyJoy quinoa bars. After spending a week sampling all their different flavors, I have to say that it was really hard to pick a favorite!

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gardening update: end of summer

Here we are, just a mere few days away from the official start of Fall. I always smile to myself when this day comes around (aka the Autumnal Equinox) because living in Texas, fall doesn’t actually arrive until mid-late October and sometimes not even until November. Another day of ridiculousness? When Starbucks decides to start selling pumpkin spice lattes on August 31st. I love fall just as much as the next gal, but goodness gracious. I digress.

Though temperatures are starting to decrease ever so slightly and those long summer evenings slowly getting shorter, one thing that holds true this year is that my little humble garden is no more.

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit too dramatic about it not being in existence anymore. It still exists, but simply hasn’t yielded (or is likely, not going to anymore) any more bounty. It was a good run! Don’t be mad at me, dear tomato plants! I didn’t mean to go on vacation and forget to water you! See, I’m still watering you every day! Come back…come back! As if the garden can hear me.

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Mama Needs a Do-Over {book review + GIVEAWAY}

Edited 09/15/15: Shortly after publishing this post, I became aware of some negative press from last year surrounding the author of this book. I was completely unaware of this at the time I decided to accept this book review. While I still stand behind what I wrote about the book itself, that in no way reflects my opinions & views on the negative press surrounding this author. I always say this: “there are always 3 sides to a story – the accuser, the accused, and the truth.” My place is not to judge what is or isn’t truth. I simply do my due diligence as best as I can and make a choice based on my personal opinions & views. Thank you guys for understanding!

The title of this book could not be more appropriate for the season of life I currently find myself living. When I was given the chance to read and review Mama Needs a Do-Over by Lisa Pennington, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I’m almost 6 months into the whole having two kids 21 months apart, so to say that I need a do-over with a lot of things is akin to saying I need air to breathe. It’s funny (in a haha, not so funny way) how much different having two kids is versus just one. I can only imagine how much that difference amplifies when there are even more kids in the mix.

One thing I absolutely loved about Mama Needs a Do-Over is that the author herself has 9(!) kids of her own. So, she totally gets it. Completely and utterly gets it. I’m able to take her written words for fact, as something that holds true because she has been down this road I’m on now, only she’s done it seven more times than I have.
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