Running during Pregnancy {part 2}

{This post is part of an ongoing series. If you want to catch up, Part 1 can be found here.}

Last time, I left off talking about how running looked at the end of my first trimester. Today, I’m going to share a few tips that I’ve found helpful and how running has looked from the beginning to the middle of my second trimester. That will catch things up to the present!

Also, I should probably stop trying to squeeze myself into my pre-pregnancy running clothes. I’m pretty sure no one wants to see that. Just focus on the pretty leaves and grass.

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pumpkin patch toddler version

This year marked our second venture to a pumpkin patch slash fall festival with our son. We went to a different location this year and they definitely had a lot more things for kids to do (not necessarily small toddlers, though) and it was a bigger community event. In a way, the one last year was nice and laid back which I rather enjoyed better. Or maybe it’s because we had a baby then and not a toddler? Perspective.

This was taken at last year’s pumpkin patch {you can read that recap here}:

And this year:

So, really not much has changed in that there’s always something more interesting to look at than Momma and her camera. Also of note: last year apparently it was cooler outside than this year. I mean, this is October and he’s wearing a short sleeve outfit. Sigh.

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Running during Pregnancy {part 1}

Lately, it’s been really hard to fall back asleep after waking up at night for my bathroom (and usually there’s a snack involved, too) trip. I think this time was a record, where I didn’t fall back asleep until almost 2 hours later. That little anecdote is related to this post because in those sleepless dawn hours, I had the idea to write about running during this pregnancy and break it up into a few different posts. Maybe it’s not the most exciting thing for you to read and that’s okay – feel free to skip along if it’s not your cup of tea! I just feel the need to write it all down especially as it’s happening (because gosh, I forget so many little things later on down the road!) and there’s no better place than here.

A few things before I dive in, one being that I’m not claiming to be an expert on running during pregnancy. This is the first pregnancy where I’ve been able to continue running as I was before getting pregnant. Second, I’m not a doctor. Everything I share about it what has worked for me and what’s been okay for me to do during pregnancy. Always check with your doctor before starting or continuing an exercise regimen – I sure did! Finally, this isn’t groundbreaking stuff I’ll be writing about and without searching online, I know there are thousands of other posts about running during pregnancy. Again, I’m just sharing my personal experience and what has worked for me.

Phew! Now let’s get to the good stuff. In this post, I’ll be covering running before pregnancy, what I did once I found out I was pregnant, and how running looked during my first trimester.

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grow in grace: humility

“Grow likewise in humility. Seek to lie very low and know more of your own nothingness. As you grow downward in humility, seek also to grow upward – having nearer approaches to God in prayer and more intimate fellowship with Jesus.”
Charles Spurgeon

{This post is part 4 of a series, the first three of which you can catch up on herehere, and here.}

With the year coming to a close in less than 70 days (what, how?!), I’m finding myself tying up loose ends. Does this resonate with anyone else? It could be fitness or food related, like making final attempts to log extra miles or eat healthier. Maybe it looks like cleaning out closets or finally donating that stash of unread books. It could look like making more of an effort to read the Bible or a devotional, in the midst of a busy holiday season. This final sprint to the finish line of the calendar year can be exhilarating and feel defeating all at once.

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Stitch Fix Review #5

After my last Stitch Fix experience a few months ago, I hesitated and kept putting off my next fix for one reason or another. Fun fact: I was actually pregnant (and knew it!) when I took all those pictures of my last fix.

If you read my previous fix review, you might recall that I ended up sending back all 5 items. Yes, I lost my $20 styling fee but after reaching out to their customer service and giving some feedback, Stitch Fix kindly offered to credit my account for the styling fee and send me another fix. That fix is what I’m showing you today. {p.s. Check out my past fix reviews here.}

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 items I received in my fix this time. By the way, because I’m currently in the awkward stage of pregnancy where I’m showing a little bit but not quite enough to warrant cute belly shots, I decided to just show you pictures of the items on a hanger. You’re welcome. Also, I’m sorry in advance for using the phrase “growing baby bump” a million times.

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