grace not perfection

The past few weeks, I’ve been mulling something over and am ready to share my thoughts about it. First, I’m going to just start with saying that this post is in no way meant to be negative or a woe is me cry. In fact, by the time I’m done writing this post, I want to be able to have a different, positive mindset. Also? I’m totally preaching to myself and no one else with everything I’ve written.

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California: part 3

Finally, I’m sharing the last portion of our winter vacation to California! If you need to catch up, here is part 1 and part 2.

Last time, I left off at Day 7 of our trip which took place in San Francisco. I didn’t really write too much about what we did, but even though when we originally planned the trip we thought we would be driving up to San Francisco twice. After our long day there, we decided once would be enough. Sure, there is a lot more stuff we missed out on seeing but it’ll just have to be some other time. We weren’t sad about it.

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Second Trimester Favorites

Y’all, I am now 30 weeks pregnant with bebe dos. If you don’t know, that means I’m a few weeks into the third trimester and have approximately a million 10-ish more weeks(!) until D-Day (or V-Day as we like to say around here) but truly, things are really starting to sink in and get real at this point. I’m starting to feel All The Feelings™ but mostly, that one where I feel unprepared. It probably doesn’t help that we’ll be moving in two weeks, either.

Anyway. Even though at this point I’m already in my third trimester, I wanted to jot down and share a few of my favorite things I relied on to get me through the second trimester of this pregnancy. You know, in case anyone else besides myself was curious about why these items are deemed ‘favorites’ of mine. Note I didn’t say ‘essentials’ since every pregnant momma has different ideas on what constitutes as essential for them. Obviously, please feel free to disregard this post if it doesn’t interest you or apply to you. Come back tomorrow for something not baby related!

p.s. Here’s the post I wrote on my first trimester favorites! I have continued using most everything on that list into my second trimester, as well. Minus the saltines, thank goodness.

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What I Read in 2014

Hi guys! I completely meant to share this post at the end of last year and yet here I find myself, almost halfway through January.

Last year, I had a fun time sharing ‘reading lately’ posts every few months and plan to continue doing so this year. {You can view those archived posts here >> one, two, three, four and five.} I also guessed the total number of books I would end up reading in 2014 and that number was 27.

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