Raising a Princess {book review}

Being a parent is by far one of the biggest responsibilities a human can have on this earth. From birth, you are entirely responsible for another human being who 100% depends on you to thrive. In the first few weeks and months after your first baby is born, you are pretty much just in survival mode.

Now, we are only 16 months into this whole parenting thing but one thing lately that has really started to hit home is the fact that our little toddler is in need of discipline. We are well past the stages of just surviving. In this season, it’s time to really start putting into action all the things we should be doing to raise a Godly son. This is hard, you guys. Truly. (And we just have a toddler right now…there are the formative and teen years which I’m sure are much more difficult!)

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Homemade Natural Diaper Wipe Solution

Remember way back in January when I posted about our homemade deodorant? I know, I can hardly remember either. In that post, I mentioned that this year I’m making an effort to share on the blog a few homemade items that we use on a regular basis. Well, it’s high time I shared this simple and easy diaper wipe solution that we’ve been using for almost 1 1/2 years now.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but we use cloth wipes (and diapers) with our son and pretty much have, ever since he was about a month old. There have been exceptions, travel and bad diaper rashes being the times we resort to store bought baby wipes and disposable diapers. One thing I realized with buying baby wipes is that you always seem to end up needing to use more than 1 or 2 wipes, depending on the severity of the diaper. Sometimes no less than 5 wipes do the job!

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fitness lately: August

It’s that time of month, where I share a quick recap of my fitness for the previous month. Overall, I had a decent month with my running. Total mileage: 39.97 but can we just call it an even 40? Close enough.

The one thing I let slide a bit last month was my Pilates practice. I stopped doing it for about a week, and then after that it was hard to get back into it consistently again. I know I mentioned that I really wanted to keep up a daily, consistent practice but instead of giving excuses, I’ll just focus on getting back to it again.

^^still a great running buddy…as long as he’s distracted

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