Little Sister

Her name is Amore. Appropriately named and we didn’t even have to change it. Our sweet cat was born a few months after her older “sister”, Tabby. The world was graced with her presence around 10.02.06.

Similarly to Tabby, we adopted Amore at our local pet shelter. My mom and I had gone a few times to the shelter to find the perfect animal. We saw dozens of kittens and cats, with a vast array of coats and eye colors. It was absolutely impossible (or so I thought) to fall in love with just one kitten to claim as our very own. I will probably be the next crazy, cat lady surrounded by 30 cats while drinking my hot tea. I digress.

We fell in love with Amore instantly. There was something about her runty build, the brownish-golden coat and gold circle on the top of her head that took my breath away. She didn’t even meow. I thought maybe the poor thing was mute at first, which got me a little worried. Especially, considering that one kitten that was grating my nerves with her incessant, desperate crying could be heard well above all other cats. True to her name, however, Amore was just the sweetest little kitten ever. She had huge eyes that looked up at us with pure rapt and adoration. She was as smitten with us as we were with her!

Today, she spends her days meowing constantly about wanting to “go outside”. She won’t be quiet. Unless she is being stroked and cuddled. We love Amore, dearly. And she does get along with her older sister, although Amore has been seen instigating play fights. She is the only cat I know that can stand being around Tabby, therefore she is an angel.

One thought on “Little Sister

  1. J says:

    haha..yea she does have a patch of gold color on her head. what a dork! (if she could only read, and see what we're saying about her on the internet lol)

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