Some (not-so-common) Facts

Mildly obsessive compulsive particularly with cleanliness (self-diagnosed).
Have read every John Grisham book.
Never owned a dog. Not even a stray.
Afraid of giving blood or having vaccinations.
Snakes make me want to die.
Finished high school in 3 years…
but then took 5 years to finish my Bachelor’s…
On that note: I took College Algebra a total of 6 times(!) before finally passing. Then, I majored in Finance. That could not have been more backwards.
Married the boy of my dreams – a redhead!
Stood on the rooftop of a 36 story condo building.
Stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas.
Once (a long time ago) thought I would NEVER WANT to have children.
Hate the smell of formula.
I am afraid to hold a newborn baby. 
Scared of thunder.
Learned to swim at age 12(ish).
Once as a teenager, I ate an entire box of Oreo’s by myself. Just because.


One thought on “Some (not-so-common) Facts

  1. J says:

    hey well you ended up breaking even on the whole education thing right? not shabby at all 🙂

    and i still dont want kids 😉

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