Spring is here!

I love, love, love the first signs of spring! Not that we get much horrid winter weather but believe it or not, things to get dull and brown sometimes. This was one of those years, with record lows and lots of frost.
I must make a confession right now. I did not research my subject before clicking away. I know, shame on me! My excuse is that this tree was just too beautiful to keep driving by it every day on my way to work and not stop and take a picture, all before the blossoms completely fall. You never know. It might be 100 degrees tomorrow and the poor thing might lose all the blossoms.
The only not so awesome thing for me is that with spring coming around, my allergies also begin to kick into full gear. Pollen and I are not friends. But that won’t stop me from torturing myself by being outside and taking pictures.
One other thing. I posted the SOOC picture and processed image so that you can see how fantabulousthese actions are! Thanks, PW and Doug.

2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. J says:

    dude…shhh. dont let the secret out! j/k.. seriously though, thats awesome. i knew there had to be some kind of way to “do things” faster 🙂

    i mean, when youre talking about a business with a good amount of volume, i guess workflow becomes kinda important eh?

    yes, the proc. pic looks very good.

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