My Latest Conquest

I love dangly earrings. Period. I own a few pairs and am always on the lookout to add more to my modest collection. My husband has to practically hold me back when we’re within a 5 square mile radius of dangly earrings because I freak out and have to buy the earrings. Ok. So I’m not that bad but you get the point. Needless to say, yesterday afternoon I made a quick run to the store with the innocent intentions of buying a cute, silky dress blouse that I could pair with my skinny (not-so-skinny on me) jeans. That was it, I promise! Well, after I found the perfect blouse, I had a small dilemma. I just could not imagine pairing my black dangly earrings with this blouse so I just had to find some matching earrings. The rest is history. At least I saved $21.76.
Temptation. Bliss.

The blouse that made me do it.

Amazing detail! Love it.

I probably need some therapy now.

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