Oh, Spring Cleaning!

Hearing these words make me smile. It’s in my nature to keep things clean. Messy rooms become havens after I’m done working my magic. I love organizing, cleaning, and I see this part of my nature as a valuable asset when it comes to….MOVING! The time is almost upon us to once again pack up our belongings and go for a change of scenery. Denial does that, sorry. Let’s look at the bright side: getting rid of junk that hasn’t seen the daylight for a whole year, which means I never needed to keep it in the first place. Example: Red Beard has taken this time to somberly lay his coffee table and beloved Lazy Boy to rest in the dumpster. I told him he didn’t have to do it all at once but I guess a quick, painless death is better than prolonging the suffering. Point #2: I get to clean everything (yes, even the baseboards) until it’s spotless. Last night’s challenge: our disgusting shower. Mission accomplished. On the downside of moving, it really stinks figuring out what to put in which boxes. Should the office supplies go with the unopened mail from 6 months ago? Logic says, yes. I say no, unopened mail from 6 months ago should go straight to the trash. End of story. I love the endless possibilities. So here we go…I’m turning up the music and tackling this mess!

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