Chives & Babies.

Hi world. And by world I mean, you two people that read my blog. Well, I missed almost TEN days of blogging (so much for my strict resolve) and missed catching up on my favorite websites. Oh, do you like my chive plant? Be jealous. It’s about the only plant I haven’t killed off yet.

I made an executive decision to skip a night of unpacking to otherwise spend useless time at the computer i.e. dilly dally. I am procrastinating from eating dinner which will probably be Ben & Jerry’s at this point in the evening, preparing tomorrow’s lunch, unpacking more boxes, watching something on HD cable, taking a shower, and did I mention consuming a pint of frozen yogurt?

More tomorrow. Clue: it has to do with babies. On a side note, my husband just arrived and I might need to go pretend I’ve been working hard at being a wife for the past 3 hours.

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