My First 15K

I love running. I love it so much that I raced 9.3 miles yesterday. I love it so much I want to run 26.2 miles very soon. In the meantime, I’ll stick to training for some upcoming summer fun. A sprint triathlon in July, a few off-road races throughout the summer, and trying to lose some inches so that I actually look like a runner. I think anyone who saw me that doesn’t know me would never know that I run. These races were (unfortunately for me) two separate ones so I had to make my body cooperate when I started the 5k, 30 minutes after I finished the first race. Yes, I am also desperately trying to improve my times again since I’m nowhere near my PR’s (personal records) from 4 years ago.

10K Finish (Chip Time ~ 59:56)

RRCA National Championship Race, 5K Finish (Chip Time ~ 30:44)

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