A Tale of Mr. Crane

I must share a story with you about some two legged bullies friends.

If you think birds, specifically cranes and even more specifically, sandhill cranes are sweet, innocent omnivores, I’m afraid to say that you have been sadly misled.

The encounter took place nearly 4 years ago. I was out for a leisurely jog with my brother around the neighborhood which I called home back then. It was a hot, summer evening, probably around 6 o’clock. The neighborhood we were running in was relatively quiet that evening, with the occasional passing car zipping by us and providing a ‘breeze’ to cool us down, even if only momentarily.

We were in the moment, savoring the pounding of our feet against the asphalt road and sweat pouring down our faces, eagerly anticipating the end of our run.

Then there he was. In all his intimidating glory. 

Frantically, he was making his way towards us. We were unarmed and not in the least prepared for what was about to happen.

The bird, that audacious creature, was approaching us at what seemed to be an all out 50m sprint. Flapping his wings and ‘cawing’ like we were intruding in his personal space. The nerve!

I was closest to his attack range and literally could have extended my arms out and touched his skinny neck. Thankfully, the bird had enough sense to back away and realize that his next move against me would probably lead to some ugliness. 

Moral of the story: From that day on, I always carried a stick with me to fend off any possible future attacks. 

Here we are, 4 years later and I still shudder to think that bird is coming to get me. 

Oh, wait. He has already found me and even brought along a partner. They now reside in our neighborhood.
Yes, pretend you’re not coming towards me.

Nonchalantly eat your worms.

 Don’t even think about it.

That’s right. Walk away.

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