Dear Tabby: {explained}

Ok, this might be a long and boring tale of a far, far away land.  For the two of you who read my blog, here’s a tale to waste your time on reading today.

Red Beard has an uncanny knack for telling tall tales. Seriously, he is our designated family story teller and will be in charge of bedtime stories for our future children. Combine his serious writing skills with my 2 loving cats and you get your entertainment and educational reading done in one step. Many moons ago (ok, not really that long ago), when Red Beard and I were dating (he would argue that we are still dating even if we are married, but I digress) he would randomly email me hilarious memos written from the perspective of my lovely cat, Tabby. His vivid writing style and ingenious idea of using none other than my cats as subjects of his writing, had me laughing for days at a time. 

I feel like I should not let these stories go untold and therefore, feel it is my obligatory duty to launch them into the internets, even if not another soul lays their eyes on these tales.

And when you think you’re having a bad day, just read some of these stories. They are sure to bring a smile to your face.

**Update: The first part of this Dear Tabby series will be posted shortly!**

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