Profile of a Gopher

My sis-in-law made a comment one day that basically threw us all for a loop and has made it into the infamous Red Beard story-telling realm. It goes something like this.

Ruth: I keep finding these random piles of dirt in my backyard.
Sis-in-law: I wonder what it is.
Ruth: Whatever it is, they are not in any of our neighbors’ yards!   
Sis-in-law: Ruth, they can’t go through fences. *pauses as we all begin looking at her funny* Right??  

Let’s just say that we all laughed about this for the rest of that night…and are still laughing.

From the perspective of the gopher himself, my husband gets 100% credit for his awesome story writing skills.

One day, I woke up and realize that the fence was there. I couldn’t get around it. My drill sargeant said that you must face your fears, son.
I was a small lad when I was born in the backyard of Ruth. We lived a happy life, filled with joy, tears, and mischief. Our ultimate goal in life is to dig holes but I wanted to be more. I wanted to fight for the right of my fellow gophers. Today, I lead a coalition of gophers against the criminality of fences that trap us in. Somehow, we haven’t figured out how to dig around them. I have been put in charge of my gophers. We will break through the house instead of trying to go around the fence. We will take on the humans. Long live the gophers! I have attached my profile picture so that fellow gophers will know who I am and where I come from, in case we don’t make it.
I come from the backyard of Ruth where gophers don’t dig under fences. We do it the hard way and take on humans.

Courage gophers,
Snuggles the gopher

Photo: Courtesy of Google Images

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