Dear Tabby: {part I}

Dear Tabby,

Tabby, I thought I would write you because I have missed you. Last night, I cried myself to sleep because I have not seen you lately. Well, I have seen you but not the real Tabby. All I have seen is a cat that jumps on screens scared of little babies. Tabby, you need not fear anymore for they are gone. I remember when I was talking to Baby G and she said she wanted to ride you like a horse, Tabby. I told her that would not be a good idea but she should go for it. Maybe that is why you are scared Tabby. Tabby, I remember when you were sitting at the table with us having Christmas dinner and you mentioned that you wanted to lay in Baby L’s car seat. My first response to this was to tell you to put your cigarette out because we are having dinner and next I said that you will eventually be able to lay in the car seat but expect Baby L to put up a fight. Maybe if you let Baby L ride you like a horse she would let you have the car seat. Tabby, I don’t think you carried your weight for the V family over the holidays. I didn’t see you making dinner, changing diapers, or holding babies until they go to sleep. I do have to commend you Tabby: I did see you Christmas caroling through the neighborhood. Well Played, Well Played Tabby. Well, my friend I have to get going I have to write up a loan. I hope you have a good day filled with naps on the ping pong table and fights with Amore. Remember Tabby to be a good cat and always put others first.

Red Beard

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