Vegetarian or Not?

In the past few years, I have considered becoming a vegetarian on several different occasions. Not because it’s trendy. Not because I love animals that much. Not because I think cows are only useful for grazing and being looked at. Not because the sound of dying chickens freak me out. And not because giving up eggs, yogurt, and skim milk sounds appealing. It does not. 

No, I’ve considered the switch mainly because I don’t normally crave red meat or chicken very often. Sure, I’ll eat red meat. 5 times a year. Sure, I’ll eat chicken regularly because it doesn’t taste that bad, really. It is a versatile cooking tool (yes, the chicken is my tool) and can be seasoned 1,387 different ways. Yes, I will eat eggs (not raw, mind you!) There are some desserts that just can not be made without eggs and dairy products. 

On the other hand, I think it would be so easy to switch because raw meat, poultry, etc. grosses me out completely. I am a Class 1 pansy when it comes to prepping dinner that involves some sort of rawness. But I usually get over it pretty quickly since well, my hunger usually wins that battle. Oh, and my husband gets cranky when he’s hungry and wonders why “there’s no meat in my dinner”. Also, I love a lot of foods that don’t have anything to do with meat. Pasta, rice, bread, beans (note: these are all high in carbs and/or starch = not so good either) and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember right now because I’m cool like that. 

Every time I’m at the inevitable crossroads for choosing to be a vegetarian, my choice is not to be vegetarian. Probably the wisest choice for me, since I would spend more time off the vegetarian bandwagon than on it. 

And I would not be able to enjoy a caesar salad such as this, that brings all my senses together into a wonderful explosion of goodness! Goodness gracious, do I ever I love my homemade caesar salad!

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