Dear Tabby: {part III}

Dear Tabby,

I have begun to ponder the meaning of life. Today, I laughed…I laughed because I thought of you as insurance coverage. At Farm Credit, we refer to catastrophic insurance coverage as CAT coverage and I literally thought someone could have a bunch of tabbys protecting their nursery or crop. I mean, Tabby, you are fat enough to sit around and look at crops all day aren’t you? Could you protect the crop during a hurricane? Would you don a cape and wear a mask to protect the crop? I think as soon as you put on a super suit, your fat would stick out at the bottom and you would look like a muffin top. Do you like muffins Tabby? I know I do.

So the moral of the story, Tabby, is that you have to get into shape because Tommy Kitty is no longer taking an interest in you…not a good sign. But cheer up, your loving parents will buy you a treadmill for you birthday and you can get back into shape. Eventually, your parents are going to purchase a woof woof (not a cow) and it will chase you around the yard…haha.


Red Beard

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