Dear Tabby: {part IV}

Dear Tabby,
I miss you, my friend. You have not written me in a while. I go see you at the V household and you do not even turn my way. I care for you Tabby. I have held you Tabby, to clip your toe nails and you do not even thank me. Tabby, this weekend your momma and I will be going to Indiana. We will enjoy some Chipotle and guess what, you do not get any…haha. I will make sure to send you a picture of the burrito, Tabby. Further, I will no longer hold you; I will hold my burrito instead.
Tabby, I always wanted to know what your 5K time is. Do you run a steady pace on 2 legs in your nike shorts and nike running shoes? I bet you would do well.
Tabby, you need to set some goals for yourself and broaden your horizons. I have some for you:
-Go more than 10 feet away from the porch.

-Run a triathlon with Red Beard and Miss V.
-Become an astronaut and fly the space shuttle.

-Be the first cat to walk on Mars.
-Swim across the Atlantic.
-Drive the Miata.
-Eat ice cream.
These are only a few goals for you Tabby. I know some of them seem difficult but cats always prevail when put to the test.

Red Beard

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