Baking Frenzy

Wednesday night I was really in the mood to bake and had two recipes that were just begging to be tried. Let me just state for the record that trying to bake two completely different desserts at the same time is not such a great idea – at least not for me. Things can get real messy. I mean, really messy. Thankfully, I did not put the cocoa powder in the pumpkin mix nor did I put all the eggs in one mix but it was still epic. 

p.s. I had no patience with step-by-step pictures this time around. Oh, and completely forgot to snap a shot of the finished goods.

Pumpkin Creme Pies – this was the recipe I used

Don’t let the pretty swirlies fool you! Making concentric circles is sort of time consuming. This picture is from right before popping them in the oven. Again, I’m still learning to take pictures while actually baking/cooking so nothing from the end product. When I finally thought about it, they had all been eaten up by our lovely friends from small group!

No pictures at all – shame on me! Too bad, since I just love the way these turned out. If you clicked on the recipe link and look at her pictures, mine weren’t frosted quite as pretty as hers but I did add chocolate sprinkles. These beg a remake sometime in the near future and I promise, there will be pictures.

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