Figgy Pudding, Trolls & Tannenbaum

Last night, upon opening my inbox I was delighted to see a newsletter from one of my favorite bands. See, I love their witty, quirky and not-so-long emails. This is why:

‘Tis the season for the singing of songs full of nouns and verbs that we have no idea what they mean. Like, “tannenbaum” (a German word for a species of fir tree, which you could kind of figure out by the repeated use of “Christmas tree” in its place, but still),  or, “troll”, as in, “troll the ancient Yule tide carols” (turns out “troll” is not a mythical cave dwelling being), and what’s a “Yule? Or, how awkward referring to an infant as “tender”, especially with the smell of turkey in the air? It’s just not appropriate.

Below is the link for what I really wanted to share with you this morning. This is a LIVE recording of the Christmas song, ‘O Holy Night’. Turn on your speakers, pour yourself some hot cider, and enjoy!

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