Road Trip: Update


A few pictures of the road to Indiana…we drove through Georgia the first day, then Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio on day two, before arriving at 11:15 p.m. at our final destination in northern Indiana. It was an awesome time with beautiful scenery, as always.

Driving through Tennessee
Ice on the mountainside – Tennessee

As I write this, we are on the road driving from Florida to Indiana for our yearly trek to visit my husband’s family for the holidays. We stopped for the night around 1am in Marietta, Georgia (to beat am rush hour traffic through downtown Atlanta) and are headed the rest of the way today, with a stop in Cincinnati to visit one of my husband’s friends from college. I hope to see some snow along the way as we get further north! There was still some light snow cover (although already hardened) on the ground here in Georgia from their snow storm a few days ago but the temps are warmer now. I don’t have any pictures from our drive since I was driving the whole time. I told the boys (my husband’s brother is road trippin’ with us this year) they get to drive today. Here’s to a lot of great music on my iPod, boys driving, and colder weather!

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