Desk Lunch

Simple, yet delicious and hopefully holds me over for a few hours. I put together this quick lunch in a few minutes. I almost prefer eating something like this every day for lunch because it makes my salad a bit more exciting. I made falafel a few weeks ago (recipe coming soon!) and was plumb out by today, but I imagine that would have also been delicious stuffed inside my humble pita. Today, it was just Roasted Red Pepper Hummus smeared inside my pita, then stuffed with shreds of romaine lettuce and grape tomatoes. That’s it! Easy peasy. I had to cut my pita in an unconventional fashion because the top looked like it had been chewed off (probably by my Dear Husband, since he kindly brought it over to me on his lunch break). You can either cut a horizontal slice across the middle of the pita, which creates for a nice, secure pocket or you can cut horizontally right across the very top and open it that way. The orange slices were a nice touch and I should have stopped right there but then I went on to ruin my healthy lunch by eating a Lindt White Chocolate Truffle. 76 calories of chocolate heaven. Totally. Worth. It.

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