Surgery Update: 30 days

It’s been a month now since my ACL reconstruction surgery. In case you missed the excitement, you can catch up here, here and here. Physical therapy is still hard as ever, if not more so since I have to push myself that much more each time. Although I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress in the past 4 weeks, here are some numbers and facts that show otherwise:

  • 2 days:  no bend
  • 7 days:  50 degrees 
  • 14 days:  74 degrees (around this time, the PT unlocked my brace to 90 degrees)
  • 21 days:  87 degrees
  • 28 days:  105 degrees (am almost able to pedal on the bike, all the way around)
I cannot believe the amount of work that goes into each session and at home on my own, in order to basically learn how to walk again. As of yesterday, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau with my progress. My knee has been in some pain that doesn’t necessarily seem to be associated with the type of pain I feel when I do therapy. And to make matters worse, I slipped on a puddle of water this morning and my bag leg/knee did the “work” to catch my step and that pretty much hurt my kneecap in a not-so-good way.

A lot of my discomfort (according to the PT) can be attributed to the fluid that is still present in my knee. Also, while I am working a lot on my bend, my knee won’t straighten to 0 degrees (normal) yet. Obviously, I doesn’t feel normal yet either. I’m still going to therapy 3x a week and they haven’t said anything yet about cutting back on days or when I will be discharged. I’m sure it won’t be for a while though and I’m okay with that. I need all the help I can get to learn how to walk again!

Still looks pretty bad. Definitely not normal!

Not quite completely straight.

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