Favorite Flats

I have received more compliments on these shoes than more expensive shoes in my humble collection. I just love that they were less than $15!

I also love that I can wear them with pretty much anything from my wardrobe. The bright color adds a nice touch to my little black dress or dresses up my skinny jeans with a pop of color. 

Yes, I put Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts in my shoes. Why do you ask? My former ballerina feet thank me every day.

Speaking of ballerina feet, please ignore the ugly blisters. Thanks. Aren’t those ruffles just adorable?

And I wear them all the time. In case you didn’t notice the shoes are starting to speak to me. It might be time for a replacement.

My favorite color combo with these shoes is anything turquoise, blue, or green. That’s how I roll. They also sell these shoes in black and mushroom. Here’s the link: Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ruffle Ballet Flats – Black

Target or Mossimo Supply Co. doesn’t know me from Adam – I just love these shoes. Over and out. 

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