Makeover: Master Bathroom

My favorite feature of our house is not the kitchen (surprisingly) but the master bathroom. I don’t know exactly what the square footage is but I’m pretty sure the builder compromised on the kitchen to make a bigger bathroom. To give you a better visual of the space, the roman tub pictured above is at the end of bathroom if you’re looking in from the bedroom door. It’s about 15 – 20 feet from the door. To the right, you can see a door handle. That’s the door for the water closet. Between that door and the tub, there’s an opening where you turn right into the walk-in shower. On the left side of the tub (behind a linen closet in front of the water closet) is a nook where we keep one of our hampers. In less words, there is a lot of awesome space and possibilities for decorating!

These two very dismal pictures above are what the bathtub area has looked like for the past year. First, I was being cheap. Second, I didn’t have much motivation for decorating because even though we love our home, it’s not actually ours – we are renting it out. Finally, I was simply being lazy about not making the space feel and look homey. 

I found myself looking around online for inspiration and didn’t really know what style or theme to focus on, but at least I knew what I didn’t want. On my lunch break, I made a quick run to our local Marshall’s in search of….duvet covers. I know, completely unrelated but since I’m on the tangent, we desperately need either a new comforter or a duvet cover or someone needs to take the existing comforter to the laundromat because it’s too big for our washer. Sorry. After not seeing any suitable duvets, I was drawn to a small section in Housewares that with the name ‘Coastal Living.’ They had me at Coastal. We live in Florida and even though I desperately hate the humidity and heat, I’m so glad we live smack in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. In short, we love the beach!

I went back to work without a duvet cover (and I might have picked up some awesome plates for $2 but that’s another story for another time) but I kept thinking about all the beautiful things in ‘Coastal Living’ and next thing I know, it’s time to leave work and I am suddenly inspired to go back to Marshall’s (btw, beside the grocery store, I’ve never been to the same store twice in a four hour time span) and grab a few pieces to decorate our bathroom. I was seriously grinning like a kid while standing there picking out the perfect items for our bathroom! The best part of my spontaneous trip back and decision to finally decorate was hearing the cashier utter the words “thirty four dollars and nineteen cents.” 
All those shells are from my collection, from the very beaches we have visited. It actually took longer than I thought to arrange the shells without them being too perfect or too messy.
Only the big shell was bought and not one from my collection. I doubt you could find such huge shells like that in Florida, at least not the beaches I’ve visited!
I’m so glad the hamper we already owned went along nicely with the ‘Coastal Living’ theme!
And the arrow to the Beach is actually pointing in the right direction. Although if it was pointing the other way, it would also be correct and that’s because the bathroom faces east-west. 

So there you have it – a quick and easy sprucing up of our master bathroom for under $35.

2 thoughts on “Makeover: Master Bathroom

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty. I love all things ocean related. You could have added some candles in varying heights in blues and greens on the corners in stead of sea shells as seashells might fall into your bathwater when u're taking a bath. 🙂

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