Malachite Necklace

One of the small souvenirs from our trip last November was this gorgeous, malachite necklace I bought in the Old City of Jerusalem. On our last day there, we had some free time (nothing scheduled by the tour company) and we chose to walk from our hotel to the Old City for some last minute shopping and cultural experience in Jerusalem.

Man, am I glad we ended up in the Old City and I found this beauty of a necklace! There were plenty of shops to pick from and even more designs and styles contending for my pocketbook. However, I knew in my mind what I was looking for and as soon as I laid eyes on this necklace, I knew I had found The One.

I absolutely love that this necklace has a meaningful story (yes, I bartered with the salesman and haggled him down $35!), was bought in a meaningful place (a reminder of yet another trip), and of course it goes beautifully with pretty much anything in my wardrobe (functionality, thank you!).

Whether paired with a black dress or jeans and Chucks, this necklace will be getting many years of wear and love from me.

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