Shellac Manicure

Well, folks. I’ve done gone and done it! Excuse my improper grammar but I am just so excited about my manicure I’ve just about forgotten how to speak write!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers posted about her first shellac experience. I had already attempted shellac (it failed), but knew that soon enough I would get back around to forking out some money for yet another manicure. My husband wondered why in the world I needed another manicure “so soon”. I just told him this time it was different and the polish is supposed to last 2 weeks. He just smiled at me. I love that man.

Back to the shellac, I went with my sis-in-law to the salon Tuesday after work and prepared myself to be wowed. Beside the occasional urge to wear black nail polish, I usually stick to the more conservative colors (taupe, rose, french) but the nail tech and of course, my SIL were not having any of that “old lady” nonsense. 

I am so glad I choose this color! It is called Gossip Girl and although I couldn’t find it on the CND site, it looks similar to their Smoochie color. The whole process from start to finish was definitely under an hour, although I couldn’t be 100% sure since we were chatting away. I love girl time! Here’s approximately how the manicure happened:

1.  File nails, buff nail bed, and apply cuticle softening cream.
2.  Push cuticles back, trim any excess cuticle, and wipe nails with acetone.
3.  Special base coat applied, each hand goes under the UV dryer for 10 seconds.
4.  First color coat applied, each hand goes under UV dryer for 30 seconds.
5.  Repeat step #4 for second color coat.
6.  Special top coat applied, each hand goes under UV dryer for 30 seconds – 1 minute.
7.  Special alcohol solution is wiped on each nail to make sure the polish is set.
8.  Cuticle oil massaged into my nails and I rubbed my nails on her towel to shine ’em up.
9.  Reach into purse fearful to ruin the polish and realize this shellac business is RAD!
10. Yes, I just used the word ‘rad.’ 

I must have used the word ‘awesome’ about 10 times in the short walk from where I was getting my manicure to the front desk to pay. Let’s see if this shellac business holds true to its’ promise of lasting 2 weeks. I am notorious for abusing my poor nails. I’ll be back with an update in 1 week. Until then, I’m off to scrub the pots and pans! 

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