I can’t believe it’s already been a year. This was my first post ever. No, I’m not partial to her at all. Why do you ask? And someone please tell me, where have the years flown by?! Just yesterday, they were little kittens. Sigh.

Then Spring really happened. And my eyes were watery and itchy and I wanted to suck my thumb and cry.

Summertime is my favorite. It doesn’t get any better than the beach. And no more allergies.

Another highlight of our summers – racing season. Little would I know that this would be my last hurrah for the 2010 season. This happened and here was the solution. Not awesome at all. Thank God I’m finally halfway through my recovery!
Another positive event in the past year…we went to Israel. Please try to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted any pictures yet. I am still working on sifting through 1,000+ pictures. Maybe I’ll be done with them by next year.

I love blogging and am thankful to everyone who reads my musings. Here’s to my first year of blogging. 

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