Shellac Mani Update: 7 days

Last week, I shared about my first experience with shellac. Here’s a quick picture of what my nails look like after one week. 

So far, I am more than pleased with the results and trust me, I’ve been abusing my nails. 🙂 The promise of lasting 2 weeks remains to be seen but right now, the only downside is the obvious nail growth. I’m sure that with a more subtle polish, it wouldn’t be as obvious. 

I’ll check back with you next week. That is, if I can stand to let my nails grow any longer!

5 thoughts on “Shellac Mani Update: 7 days

  1. Sue says:

    I have tried EVERYTHING for my poor poor hands and nails and this did not work for me, my nails still broke and chipped and after 2 weeks, really looked like they needed to be done again….I will be interested in how it went for you….

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