Shellac Mani Update: 13.5 days & Removal

I almost made it to 14 days. I have a slight huge tendency to pick at my nail polish the moment it starts to lift. That explains the complete lack of polish on my thumb!

Here is a picture of my left hand – what it really should look like after 2 weeks and no polish picking. Again, other than nail growth the polish stayed on nicely! 

Other than user error on my part for picking off some polish, it definitely stayed on nicely and as a plus, my nails grew a lot quicker than usual and stayed very strong.

I started the process of removing the polish. In order to not peel off your natural nail layer, you need to soak the polish in pure acetone before gently scraping it off with a cuticle stick. I soaked about 10 minutes and started scraping but had to soak a few more minutes and scrape while my fingers were still immersed in the acetone.

I went a little overboard with the nail clippers. Whoops! I like my nails on the shorter side but not this short. At least they grow back quickly!

Overall, I will say it again – I am highly impressed with my shellac experience and will recommend it to anyone not wanting to use artificial nails or worry about chipping polish.

It was so easy to not have to worry about my polish chipping and touching up after a few days, from the moment I left the salon. I will definitely be indulging in shellac manicures (and yes, I will try a pedicure as well) in the future. It is well worth the few extra bucks!

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