Flowerless in Florida or Date Night #1

Here’s a news flash: it’s been so long since I’ve received flowers from my husband I can’t even remember the last time he gave me flowers! (Anyone that knows him is probably not surprised.)

Somehow (sans fleurs) I reluctantly we planned a date night a few weeks ago. Seriously. We don’t even have kids yet and it’s tough going on a date with my own husband. And we kinda have a thing for each other. Hmm. I digress. 

Our evening began at a local tapas restaurant. Let’s just say we probably won’t be going back. Way overpriced. Don’t get me wrong. It was good but not that good.

 But since I brought it up, let’s take a look at what we sampled.

Pan de Tomate – thin sliced bread topped with Spanish ham, Provolone, diced tomatoes, olives and olive oil. This was probably the second best tapa we tried.

Guava Ribs – pretty self explanatory. I decided it didn’t really taste like guava at all and I know my guavas.

Spicy Mango Shrimp – This was the best tapa we tried, hands down. I want to recreate it soon!

Pollo y Chorizo a la Plancha – grilled chicken, Spanish sausage (chorizo), peppers, onions with cumin aioli and Spanish smoked paprika. This was our #3 favorite tapa.

Tres Leches Cake – moist yellow pudding cake with banana, pineapple, and “tres leches” topped with whipped cream. My husband actually indirectly complimented me and said to me: “You can make better desserts than this.” 

And I had the Nachos Helados for dessert. These are cinnamon sugar tortilla chips topped with dulce de leche ice cream, strawberry salsa, creme Anglaise, and chocolate sauce. The concept (and ingredients) are fabulous but the chips were a tad burnt and the ice cream quality was sub-par.

By the way…the restaurant was dimly lit but that made for a lovely dinner but not so lovely pictures.

While our dinner was not the greatest, the rest of our date was pretty awesome. We I scored some sweet club seats for a hockey game. Yes, they play ice hockey in Florida. 

It was a fun night. Even without the flores, I’m glad we found made time for a date. 

p.s. I’m okay with no flowers. They die. Plenty of other gifts don’t die and mean a lot more. Amen.   

5 thoughts on “Flowerless in Florida or Date Night #1

  1. Urban Wife says:

    Kensya, I used my 55-200mm lens with the hood on which I've noticed makes me have to adjust the aperture more than usual. I'll try to be better about adding shooting info on my pictures. 😉

  2. white collar | green soul says:

    Okay – I didn't even know those dessert nachos EXISTED. now I want some. seriously.

    And cut flowers are overrated – often they come from ridiculously far away countries having been sprayed with pesticide so their carbon footprint is huge. (At least that's what I tell myself to feel better about not getting flowers. Though it is true.. )

    Also, your hockey seats look amazing.

    Found your blog through Aura's. I like your blog name.

    – agata.

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