Tuesday List 1.0

1. There is nothing more joyous than being woken up on Sunday morning at 5am to the buzzing of a mosquito. Then subsequently, the same thing happens two more times.

2. Last night I swam longer than I have in almost a year. It felt great except for the pruny hands.

3. I am completely out of dishwasher gel and dish liquid. This means my dishes are crusty.

4. My husband is about to reach a milestone birthday. He is not excited.

5. I baked some Mexican Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies last Friday.

6. One of my cats doesn’t like me. I’m slowly coming out of denial.

7. Hydrangeas are so beautiful! I hope to not kill the one I received as a gift last week from a coworker.

8. I still haven’t put up my curtain panels

9. Who is watching the Royal Wedding live on Friday? (Not me.)

10. My goal this week is to come up with a new recipe for dinner. Wish me luck.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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