British Television & Films

As a child, reading was one of my favorite things to do. I could spend hours laying in my bed, getting lost in an imaginary world. However, the main reason I read so much as a child was because we grew up without a television. Yup. That’s another story.

As an adult, reading is still one of my favorite things to do…but now I lack the time to just sit down and read for fun. Instead of reading, I find that watching a movie is usually quicker. Oh, and it helps that as an adult, I have a television.

My husband and I enjoy watching movies together, especially British television and films. Netflix has a pretty decent selection of British films/miniseries that we have absolutely loved. 

North and South:  Based on the 1855 book written by Elizabeth Gaskell (fun fact: her editor was Charles Dickens), this miniseries depicts a poignant love story about a middle-class woman and a textile mill businessman. 

Pillars of the Earth:  Based on the novel by Ken Follett, this miniseries is set in the mid-12th Century and deals with love, forgiveness, power, greed, pride and hope.
Bleak House:  This miniseries is based on the Charles Dickens’ book and is a wonderful adaptation about the legal system in Victorian-era London.
Bleak House
Most recently, here is what we’ve been watching:
Downton Abbey: A period drama series (which is currently on ITV) set in the early 20th century, which depicts life between nobles and servants.
Jane Eyre: A literary classic by Charlotte Brontë about social criticism and individualism.
File:Jane Eyre Bronte.jpg 
So that’s that. I am excited about discovering more British films and television series. Maybe I will even get around to reading some of the books as well.  
Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “British Television & Films

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should watch Are You Being Served? It's from the 70s and is hilarious 🙂 On WEDU on Saturday evenings. As Time Goes By and Keeping Up Appearances are pretty good, too

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