Just Because

My husband surprised me with these flowers when I got home from work on Friday afternoon. They certainly bring a smile to my face and of course, add a bright spirit to our little home. I suppose now I must retract this statement which isn’t valid anymore as of Friday evening. 

On another more important note, we had a nice day yesterday with my family for Mother’s Day. Our gift was making lunch for my mom and grandmother.

Here was the menu: variation of this Beef Stew, brown rice, grilled fresh sweet corn, fresh baked French bread, Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes, and this grilled pineapple, which was oh-so-exquisite.

Since I was busy cooking and baking most of Sunday morning, I didn’t take the time to take pictures during the process and just snapped a quick one of the cupcakes before running out the door.

This weekend there was a 5K run, which being a member of our local runner’s club, I gladly volunteered my services seeing as I could not actually run in the race. Speaking of running, I was finally able to run on the treadmill without any pain in my knee last night! I ran a mile, alternating between running for 2 minutes and then walking 1 minute. Even though it took me 15 minutes, I am just glad to be able to run again and not just on the elliptical.

Happy Monday.

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