Veggie & Turkey Wrap

I always seem to be short on time when it comes to making dinner on the weeknights. Quick and painless is my mantra and wraps fit my criteria. You can fill them with anything that you have in the fridge and/or pantry – the world is your oyster wrap!

Our fridge usually lacks in the cooked meat department unless I plan ahead so I wasn’t surprised when all I could find were some cold cuts. Sliced mesquite smoked turkey breast it would be, along with a smattering of assorted veggies that had not yet spoiled in the crisper.

Here’s a secret:  slice up a lemon and put it in a tall glass of water. Your day just got 10x better!

I had some juicy red plums and mediocre strawberries (sorry Cali, but Florida has you beat right now) in the fridge, begging to be eaten. There was no thinking twice about it.

Veggie Turkey Wrap
Serves: 1
Time: 5 minutes

1 sun-dried tomato basil wrap
2 heaping tbsp roasted red pepper hummus
1/2 cup sliced turkey breast, shredded
1 cup red leaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces
1 plum tomato
2 tbsp pepper jack cheese, shredded

Lay wrap on flat surface and spread hummus around the entire circumference, out about 1 inch from the edges.

Add turkey breast in a horizontal line down the center of the wrap, from top to bottom. Repeat with tomato and lettuce.

Using a microplane, grate about 2 tbsp (or until you deem there is enough cheese) of pepper jack and evenly distribute on wrap.
Fold the top edge towards you and bottom edge towards the top. Holding the two folds together in the center, fold one side in towards the middle (from left to right or right to left) and roll away from you, making sure to pull tightly.

Go make yourself a wrap. You deserve it. 

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