Gardening Update

 Happy Friday!

My little urban garden hasn’t died and for that I am extremely thankful. This coming from the black thumb goddess herself who always inevitably ends up accidentally killing all things which need tending. Does anyone have a garden? How is it doing? I would love to hear!

Tomatoes. Growing by leaps and bounds each day, I am still waiting on them to turn red. Am I waiting in vain? Thankfully, I don’t have any issues with bugs although some of the leaves have turned yellow or brown.

The oregano is flourishing quickly and needs a bigger home. I love how it curls around so beautifully and delicately. The scent makes me want to bury my nose in it and never leave. Oregano has a soothing yet strong scent that feels like home.

There have been two new additions, none of which needed much care as they were simply and lovingly gifted to me. 

Mint. This one was a thick stalk, cut from a bigger bush and then I took a chance and potted it. It looked pretty pathetic the first week but now it seems to be doing better. I had to move it from the back porch to the side of the house where it faces north and doesn’t get as much direct sunlight. Mint tea from these leaves will be wonderful or even some mojitos.  

Lemongrass. My mom said it will do just fine in direct sunlight so I will leave it on the back porch with the tomatoes and oregano. Hot tea is my second favorite beverage (plain water being first) and I’m excited to make some with this lemongrass.

And that, dear friends, is my humble little urban garden. I am enjoying the slow approach to gardening this time around and being more diligent about caring for my plants. There is nothing better than being outside as the sun is setting, with the smell of water and damp soil invading all my senses.

Have a lovely, rest filled weekend!

7 thoughts on “Gardening Update

  1. ~3iNnA~ says:

    I am new to your blog.

    Our first vegetable garden are doing marvelously on our end. I posted it at mine blog.

    We harvested some roma tomato, basils, eggplants and our sweet mint.

    I am still waiting for our bell pepper, roselle and other crops.

    How often do you water your crops? Do you do it in the morning, evening or afternoon? That might be the reason why your leaves turn yellow and brown. Pruning is very very important.

  2. Amanda says:

    This is the first summer that I have not had a garden and I miss it terribly. I miss the feeling of cool soil in my hands and the excitement of watching something grow. Also, there's nothing better than fresh mint out of the garden to add to any drink.

  3. says:

    I wish I could grow something! I tried to start an indoor herb garden, but I inevitably forgot to water the plants, and they dried up. 😦 Maybe next year I'll start the garden from baby plants instead of seeds. That might work out a little better….hopefully. Great job on your little garden!

  4. Urban Wife says:

    @ Jamie – I think the key to my success (ha!) is that this year, I didn't try starting everything from seeds. I kind of took the easy way out.

    @ Rachel – Funny you mention tomatoes flowering because beside the 3 tomatoes pictured, no other new ones have come out. It is the strangest thing!

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