Weekend and Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day! 
Fourth of July this year was low key for us. We didn’t make plans or even drive to the beach for the day. Instead, we chose to spend our limited weekend time relaxing with our family and friends. Some very dear friends of ours are moving back home which happens to be 1,000 miles away, so we have spent a few last precious days with them. 

Seems like every Independence Day, it is rainy and muggy. Right now, I can hear a few lingering fireworks in the distance mixed in with the occasional rumble of thunder. What a beautiful sound! Below is a picture of my husband last year with some sparklers.  It was pouring rain so I took shelter underneath a golf umbrella, while swatting mosquitoes like a madwoman. Instead of spectacular fireworks, I captured this heart my husband made for me. Darling!

I am so grateful, especially on this day of special remembrance, to all of our troops that have sacrificed their lives for the sake of all our freedoms. My prayer is that God keep them safe and give their families unshakable strength. 

I can’t wait to see what Fourth of July next year will bring, even if it is more rain and muggy weather. In the meantime, I will stare at this photo of sunnier days and be reminded of the salty sting against my cheeks as the sun beats down on my welcoming skin. 

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