Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent

Update 06/17/14: The images to this post were accidentally deleted a long time ago, but everything else is still the same. Soon, I will be retaking photos and updating this post. Until then, please continue enjoying and thank you for understanding!

Finally, I conquered yet another item on my to-do list. Never mind that I still haven’t put up our curtain panels or finished editing pictures from our 2010 trip. I’m talking small peanuts here – crossing off smaller items and eventually getting to the bigger items, right? Surely I’m not the only one.

Over the weekend, necessity became the mother of Google invention.  For some time, I have been wanting to make my own natural, made-from-scratch laundry detergent for various reasons but most importantly, because I am continually on the quest to spend less money. By the way, just because I went all Laura Ingalls doesn’t mean that I will never buy laundry detergent again. I love Seventh Generation and Ecos. For now, I am just being Mrs. Frugal and having fun crossing things off my to-do list.

If an urbanite such as myself can make her own laundry soap, then anyone can do it! You just need 3 common, inexpensive ingredients and about 10 minutes to spare.

Call me Laura Ingalls, I’m off to scrub my clothes on a washboard do a load of laundry with my new homemade soap.

 Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent

Here’s what you will need (any brand will do on these items):

Use 1 bar of soap, whatever you have on hand.

Grate your bar of soap, using a hand grater.

Add 1 cup of washing soda.

Add 1 cup borax powder.

Stir throughly.

Finished consistency should look like this, after stirring for a few minutes.

Here’s a tip: If you leave a little room in the container you will store it in, you can give it a good shake right before using to make sure the soap crumbles are evenly dispersed with the borax and washing soda.

I wasn’t able to weigh the final amount but it could easily fit into a 32 oz. container. Just make sure you don’t use a container you plan on using for food in the future. Not a good idea!

For each load, use 1-2 tbsp. Heavier soiled loads can use 3-4 tbsp. Again, I have designated a plastic measuring spoon for this purpose and it will never re-appear in my kitchen. 

There you have it…homemade, natural laundry detergent! 

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