6 Months

Remember this? And this? I know, it is quickly becoming a distant memory for me as well. Let’s take a visual walk through memory lane, shall we. Warning: gross knee picture below

Day 2: Hard to imagine that the following day after I took this picture, I started the grueling physical therapy. Grueling but I’m thankful now, since my mobility is just about back to normal.

Day 8: I had my staples (all 14 of them!) removed this day. The pain from having them removed was awful. Although I’m sure had I been awake during the actual surgery, that pain would trump getting staples out. Thank God for general anesthesia! 

1 Month: At this point, I remember still feeling and thinking that I would never be able to bend my knee again and that it would be permanently different from my other knee. 

3 Months: I think the most noticeable difference in my recovery was at this point. My muscles started getting stronger, although there was still some atrophy present. 

6 Months: This picture was actually taken a few weeks before the official 6-month mark but it doesn’t look any different now than it did then. At this point, I’ve pretty much gained 95% mobility in my knee. One thing the physical therapist told me was that when I’m able to squat in “catcher’s pose” without any pain, then I will know that I’m 100% back to normal. I’m not there yet but soon!

With every passing day, I feel my knee getting stronger and stronger.  I am filled with new confidence and my knee is remembering how it feels to run, bike and swim. I’ve already got a few exercise goals in mind for this year, but am still at the point where I fear voicing them. In the meantime, I am content with being back in my normal pre-surgery routine of working out and pushing myself harder than ever.  

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