Evening Skies

These long summer days will soon be coming to an end.
Clouds foreshadowing impending thunderstorms will no longer make their nightly appearance.

Storms that tease with wild streaks of lightning and loud claps of thunder, sometimes all for naught.

Pale hues of pink, deep glows of ocean blues, wispy shades of white.

Sometimes (most times) I really don’t enjoy living in such a tropical climate.

But it is in these moments when I most try to remind myself that one day, I will miss the warmth. One day, I will miss the steamy and muggy summer nights

One day, the loud chirping of the frogs who are happy to have more water than they know what to do with will make me wish I was in this tropical paradise all over again.

Enjoy the weekend and spend some time outdoors, wherever you find yourself. 

2 thoughts on “Evening Skies

  1. Joanna @ Southern Daisy says:

    Beautiful pictures! I, too, will be glad for some cooler weather without thunderstorms (although we haven't had any rain here in Nashville in like a month!). But I know I'll miss the flowers, the sun, and my flip flops. I do look forward to fewer bugs, however! Mosquitoes in particular.

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