Labor Day: Hiking

It’s nice to write again. I miss it when I’m not here, sharing my pictures and writing. So here I go again, playing catch up. We spent our Labor Day at a nearby state park. It was the best way to relax and enjoy a day off work.

I have such fond memories of hiking. It’s something my husband and I would do a lot when we were dating. I’m so glad we find the time to go for a hike even in the midst of being busy. It is one of our traditions.

For us, hiking doesn’t get much better. It’s a good way to burn calories, be close to nature and not spend any (or much) money.

Of course, the memories we build around hiking are the best part!

This time, we enjoyed sharing our hiking experience with my fun (and fit!) parents. We hiked a few hours and I’m not sure the exact distance but my legs were definitely feeling it later in the day.

The mosquitos were wicked, even with natural repellent lathered on. Such is life but I wouldn’t trade our afternoon for all the mosquitos in the world!

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