Green Monster #2

Why yes, it has been some time and there is a very good reason why I suddenly stopped buying kale and subsequently, haven’t been making any green monsters until the past month or so. Consider me adequately traumatized.

The last bag of kale I bought had a lovely little surprise at the bottom. Any guesses? I’ll spare you the gruesome details but it begins with W and rhymes with torn. Shiver.

Because of my black thumb and lack of an actual patch of soil, I have to resort to buying produce in bags (at the store) or at the market (which I’m too lazy to drive to) and most of the times, there are no surprises. As the saying goes, all it takes is that one time. Too bad because kale and I…we could have been BFF’s.

So I moved on, like anyone would do and found an even tastier alternative – spinach. Don’t run away yet or freak out, like my husband did the first time I tried asking him to taste my smoothie.

Next time I make a green monster, I’ll just make sweetly ask him to taste it before I tell him what he’s drinking. Kind of like the fact that he totally had mushroom burgers this past weekend (hi honey…if you’re reading…I’m sorry…really, I am) and was none the wiser. True story.

Green Monster #2
serves: 2 tall glasses
What you need:

3 oz. fresh spinach
1 cup almond milk
1 frozen banana
Optional: 1 scoop soy or whey protein powder
In a blender, pour milk and add spinach. Blend on high until fully mixed. Add in banana and protein, blending until creamy. Enjoy as a nice post-workout energizing drink.
Good to the last drop!

Trust me when I say this doesn’t taste like spinach, at all. Just do it.

4 thoughts on “Green Monster #2

  1. Joanna @ Southern Daisy says:

    Oh my gosh, I don't know if I could do that. We recently got our own juicer, and I've made kale drinks before, but had to cover up the kale taste with tons of apples, pears, and oranges. Never tried almond milk though. That sounds interesting.

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