10K Race at 10 Months

Hey y’all! Sorry about the long absence. Life happens at an alarming pace. We all know that too well. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving Eve! Anyone have fun plans for tomorrow? Of course you do!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, one tradition that I semi-started a few years ago was to run in a local Turkey Trot race. The one we run in usually has a fun costume contest and the winner receives a prize (money!) for the best “turkey” costume. I’ll never forget the winners one year dressed up as Butterball turkeys. It was hilarious…and impressive that they ran the entire race (in record time, no less!) in their costumes.

Unfortunately this year, between training for my triathlon and life in general, my plans for running in the Turkey Trot fell by the wayside. The next best alternative was a local 10K, which was *almost* as much fun as seeing two grown women dressed as Butterball turkeys.

To my defense, I have only run 6 miles ONCE in the past few months so to say I was ill prepared for the race is an understatement. Sure, I had been training for the tri and was still in pretty good shape after the race but that’s a whole different ballgame workout than just straight running for 6.2 miles. I was only under my personal goal by 4 minutes, although my darling Red Beard would say I was sorely disappointed and too hard on myself.

Overall, I’m glad I ran the 10K and finished it without dying. Because not dying after a race is always a good thing in my book!

{Crossing the 10K finish line, exactly 10 months after my ACL surgery}

Photo: Courtesy of Lakeland Runners Club

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