Tuesday List 2.0

1. How long did these flowers stay alive? Answer: not long enough. It currently resides in our garage and looks just as beautiful, on opposite day. Oh, the shame. (Some things will never change.)

2. Speaking of green thumbs (or lack thereof), I decided this year against gardening. It has been a wise decision so far.  
3. Can someone please tell me to stop wasting time on Pinterest? It’s a sickness, I tell you. It is useful but not nearly as much as it leads you to believe. Fellow pinners, do you find yourself pinning something and swearing to fully make/bake/craft only to forget about it later because you pinned too many other things? Sigh. All these first world issues.
4. Are you kidding me with these donuts?! Jessica is a freakin’ genius. I don’t even like donuts but these! I almost made them for my husband’s birthday (he loves donuts) but then I forgot all about them. See #3 above.
5. My vice: fresh chips & salsa from a local Mexican restaurant. I am not ashamed to admit that we definitely go here just about every Saturday. To.die.for. 
6. This place looks unreal! Definitely on my ‘must visit’ list.
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
7. Husband made dinner a few weeks ago. I taught him well. #soproud
8. A few weeks ago, I witnessed my husband eating the largest chocolate chip cookie EVER. It only took him 45 seconds to inhale it.
9. Y’all know I love Larabars. Well, I tried a few new-to-me flavors recently and all I can say is WOW. (Except the Key Lime Pie, which was okay. Then again, I am picky about that flavor.)
10. By the way, it has been raining here since last Friday. I didn’t even know there was tropical storm until my best friend informed me while we were chatting on Sunday afternoon. Yes, we had a good laugh (at my expense) for at least 5 minutes. On that note, I hope everyone else who hasn’t had rain or is having wildfires gets some rain soon.
10.5. I owe you guys a real post soon. Several, actually. I just have to get around to typing them up so they are actually coherent and also kinda-sorta amusing to read. Wish me luck!
Happy Tuesday, lovelies.

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