In case you didn’t notice (or if this is your first time here), I made a few slight drastic design changes to the blog. Yay!

For a while, I have been craving a cleaner, sleeker look and really want to showcase posts with a more visual representation.

So far, I’m mostly happy with the new design but there are a few things that I would like to change and add back, which are somehow missing from the old design.

Here is a quick screen shot of what it looked like before:

However, I made a rookie mistake that only happens when you write your own code. I didn’t back up my previous design.

Insert a picture here of me hyperventilating and drowing my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream cereal. Ugh. First world problems.

All that being said, I would love some feedback from y’all about the design. What do you like? Not like? Suggestions? Anyone want me to switch back to the old design? Keep the new one? Add more features?

The more feedback, the better. Thanks a bunch!

p.s. And just because I don’t say it nearly enough, thank you thank you thank you for reading along and your lovely comments. Always. Y’all are the best ever.

Enjoy your weekend! 
We will be doing some kayaking at the beach. 

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