Adventure to Austin {Part 1}

Remember a few weeks ago how I said life was crazy but full?

(Yea, neither do I. Obviously.)

Big news: Red Beard and I moved to a pretty awesome place ~ AUSTIN, TEXAS!

We are finally getting into somewhat of a groove and I’m now just getting around to writing a little bit about our journey.

For the sake of brevity and your eyeballs, I’m not posting a fully detailed story. Just more a recap of sorts, with lots of pictures from my iPhone. You’re welcome.

First off, we drove from Florida and took our time. We weren’t going for any records so we split up the distance about 60% the first day and 40% the second day.

Our first day of driving started just after 8am. It already felt strange being in a car and not sitting at my desk.

We decided any stops would be minimal (i.e. restroom only) since we had plenty of snacks and music to keep us going until it was time to stop for lunch.

Pensacola, FLORIDA {Stormy day}

Mobile, ALABAMA {Downtown}

MISSISSIPPI: the next state we crossed into. What you don’t know is that I took this at a rest area bathroom. Since we didn’t get a good picture of the official sign on the Interstate.

Keeping it classy.

No, we didn’t stop to gamble. No time! (I’m only kidding. We don’t gamble.)

Shortly afterwards, we entered LOUISIANA. Actually known to me as a place that is muggier and swampier than Florida, if that is even possible. I don’t think I would want to live here, no offense to any Louisianians.

Take a good look at that picture above. This was our first mistake on the drive. Fine, it was MY mistake since I was driving. We forgot to take Interstate 12 and instead, added about an hour to our trip by staying on I-10.

That just means more swamp to look at and a long ride around the south end of Lake Pontchartrain.

{Lake Pontchartrain}

Below is a blurry picture of downtown New Orleans. It was pouring a ton at this point and after one look at the radar map, we decided to wait and eat dinner in Baton Rouge.

{Downtown NOLA}

Finally, we arrived in Baton Rouge at Chipotle for dinner! Our favorite. Burrito bowls were inhaled in less than 7 minutes. Bam. No picture, for obvious reasons.

Then we saw this gorgeous, stormy sunset right over the Mississippi River as we’re leaving Baton Rouge. (The bad picture doesn’t do it justice, sorry. Something about driving 80 mph.)

{Baton Rouge at the Mississippi River}

At last, after 760 miles of driving we arrived in Lafayette and called it a night. That is, after a hot shower.

{A hotel bed never felt more amazing, after driving 13 hours.}

Tomorrow: part two of our Adventure to Austin!

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