Adventure to Austin {Part 2}

We finished about 60% of our drive the day before and had a hard time getting out of a comfy bed the next morning.

After a not-so-healthy but passable hotel breakfast (hard boiled eggs, yogurt and half a waffle), we hit the road again just after 9am.

We got to the Louisiana-Texas border within two hours and made a quick stop at the interstate welcome center. Cheesy but true!

As a side note, this welcome center/rest area was one of the nicest ones I’ve seen on the East Coast. That’s saying a lot. They had a nature preserve area with a boardwalk (pictured above) where you could look for alligators and get bitten by mosquitos. Wait, that was just me getting bitten?

{Lake Charles}

And just like that, we crossed over into Texas and the scenery/terrain/temperature quickly changed.

HOUSTON {Downtown}

By the way, I didn’t realize Houston is such a huge city! It took us (on I-10 without traffic) at least 30 minutes to drive through the city limits. For this small town girl, that is huge.

First impressions of Texas so far at this point? Bright, hot, hazy, big, dusty, and fast drivers.

The rest of the drive from Houston to Austin seemed to go by really quickly and since I was driving and hubby took a nap, we don’t have any pictures until we got to Austin. This part of the drive was nothing but country roads and open fields at most points.

Things began to get hillier as we approached Austin, which is also partly in the region of Texas known as Hill Country. It was and is absolutely gorgeous!

{360 Bridge}
{Lake Austin}
We are looking forward to exploring, both in our “backyard” and also in other Texas cities.


So begins our new journey and season of life in Austin! We are mostly excited, sometimes homesick but grateful to be living here.

{Downtown Austin Skyline}

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