Labor Day Weekend {Part 2}

After leaving the park, we continued west towards Fredericksburg. We grabbed some lunch at a local Mexican restaurant (it wasn’t great) and decided to drive into downtown, just to check it out.

We saw Beyoncé the Rooster! Can you see it in the picture below? {Btw, if you are curious just Google it. First link result. There is some language so if you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned.}


After the exciting rooster sighting, we drove through Main Street where all the cute shops and restaurants are located.  There was also a Catholic church (St. Mary’s) with some nice architecture and reminded me of churches we saw in Israel, except not nearly as ancient. My husband was sweet to stop the car and let me take some pictures. Sorry about the power lines. I was lazy and didn’t want to Photoshop them out.


After finishing our drive through downtown Fredericksburg, we decided visit a winery which was conveniently on the way back home. Yay wine tasting! Can you believe this was my first time (and also husbands’) visiting a winery?! Me either. At this particular winery, they also have vineyards and grow all their grapes for their wines, with the exception of 3 wines. For those wines, they still use local, Texas-grown grapes.


We had the best server. He was friendly, funny and full of great stories. Upon our arrival at his station, he pretty much told us that he usually lost count of how many glasses of wine people tried. In other words, don’t feel like we could only try 6 flights of wine…and he was generous with his portions, too. By the way, dark chocolate + port wine = bliss. Go try it, seriously. We couldn’t leave without picking up a few bottles to bring home.

What a fun experience! We are definitely looking forward to visiting all the other wineries (and peach orchards, too) in this region of Texas.
Finally, a great way to finish off the long weekend was a visit to Starbuck to grab our first official Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL, as we say around here) of the year. Yes, I know it is still crazy hot outside and I don’t even know if fall exists here in Austin (someone please tell me it does!) but we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. Here’s a tip for y’all: they will make it iced or even as a frappe if you don’t want the hot drink. Just sayin’. 

And with that, we ended our Labor Day weekend adventures. Good thing this weekend is just around the corner. I need another PSL and we are having a *cold* front. It’s supposed to be 89 degrees(!).

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