and i’m back!

Yes, it has been almost 2 months since my last post.

We’ve been up to a lot but honestly, I just haven’t felt like blogging. But today I did! Lucky you if you’re reading. Who knows when I’ll feel like posting again. 
Let’s recap, shall we. Most of my pictures are from my phone. Some are from the Nikon. 
This is my favorite month of the year. It’s right up there with December. This month, we got quite a bit of rain. It seemed like pretty much every weekend it was overcast and/or raining. I loved it especially since I was beginning to think it never rained here. 
Sunset after an entire day of rain.
There was a last minute attempt of me trying to eat strawberries. Surprisingly, they were still sweet this late in the year.

We found a new Italian restaurant right down the road from our house. Bad news in the best way possible. This margherita pizza was most excellent. (No, I didn’t eat the entire thing myself.)

After the rain and a few cold fronts, I noticed this tree on the walk down from the gym one day. I’m not sure the name but it sure is pretty and the birds love it. 


We also celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this month. Fittingly, flowers are one of the traditional gifts. Love these fall colors!

We ventured into Cavender’s Boot City and had a blast. I’m pretty sure these boots are on my Christmas wish list.

I made some pretty amazing cinnamon rolls for breakfast one rainy weekend and we devoured them in 2 days. Ugh.

Another reason I love October…honeycrisp apples. One of my favorite varieties!

For some strange reason, I decided to try my hand at being crafty. The before and after. (I like the before much better.)

On one of our weekend hikes, we spotted this deer (doe?) in the bushes. She was so cute. I wanted to take her home and give her a bottle of warm milk.

So far, this month we’ve enjoyed a longer span of time with cooler days. I know half the country is already getting snow and fall is technically over but not for Texas. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the leaves here are *slightly* starting to change. The colors aren’t as vivid as you see in the Midwest or elsewhere, but for this Florida girl they are something. 
We kicked off our month with the first holiday drink of the season. There’s something about those red cups that make me want to run and turn on the Christmas station on Pandora.
My first attempt at baking Cranberry Bliss Bars (like the ones they used to sell at Starbucks). They were very tasty but the base layer wasn’t the right consistency so I have to make these again. That is, after we finish eating all the leftovers in the freezer.

This past weekend, we drove a few hours west to Enchanted Rock. Wow. It was breathtaking (quite literally, actually) and we definitely look forward to another visit soon.

It was a 425 foot, 0.6 mile climb to the summit. This is about halfway.

Finally, at the summit. It was super windy and chilly but felt so good after the steep climb.

See? Windy.

There’s a nature preserve near our house that has a ton of peacocks. I ventured out the other day and came across this beauty. Seems they are quite used to being around people since I was only a few feet away when I snapped this picture.

Wouldn’t it be the coolest pet ever?


If you want to see what else I’ve been up to, you can follow me on instagram @urbanwife. 

Have a great weekend!

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