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There is something I don’t write about much here. I’m talking about all the reading I do. I love (love!) reading. There’s just something about picking up a book, getting lost in the characters and traveling to other places without leaving the couch. As an aside, I much rather prefer an actual book over an e-reader.
I think I’ve mentioned it in passing once before but growing up, we didn’t have a television. Imagine that! Looking back on my TV-less childhood, I am actually very grateful because it pushed me to use my imagination and do other things like reading, writing and being outdoors. Not to mention, reading is the one way you can constantly be learning for the rest of your life. That’s a sweet bonus.
I’m glad to say that my reading habit has mostly stuck with me into adulthood. There was a time (college years) where my reading consisted only of textbooks and required reading and while college was great, there is something about reading without the pressure.
I don’t always keep track of every single book I read. That is something I’m working to improve. GoodReads is a great place for me to start, because I find that a journal or random scraps of paper tend to get lost. My favorite feature are the bookshelves (reading, to-read, read) which makes it easy to track everything. 
All that being said, here are a few books I’ve enjoyed lately. From the looks of this short list, I seem to have a penchant for historical fiction. 
{Currently reading…}
The Emancipator’s Wife – Barbara Hambly
A historical fiction novel based on the life Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd. The author does a wonderful job weaving facts and fiction to create an intriguing story line. The chapters alternate between past and present, which is something I love to see in books and in this case it isn’t detrimental to the progression of the story. I can’t wait to see how this book ends.
{Recently read…}
Dearie: the remarkable life of Julia Child – Bob Spitz
I only got halfway through this 1,008 page biography before I had to return it to the library. I’ve always had a fascination for reading about others’ lives and this biography about Julia Child’s life is no exception. The fact that I love cooking and baking only made this book more fun to read. I’m going to get my hands on this book again so I can finish reading it – it’s worth it.
Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks
If you’ve read (or seen movie adaptations) of any of Nicholas Sparks’ books, then you pretty much know what to expect. It was a quick, easy read that dealt with heartbreak and subsequently, unexpected new love.
Mr. Rosenblum dreams in English – Natasha Solomons
This was an interesting look at the life of a Jewish family that moved to England from Berlin just as WWII began. The book shows how each family member deals with assimilating to a new culture and place. 
White Jacket Required – Jenna Weber
Jenna writes the blog Eat, Live, Run and this book is a memoir about her time during culinary school. I finished it in a few hours and also has some recipes inside. I felt the book had more potential. Either way, it was not a bad read although I prefer her writing on the blog.
Bringing up Bebe – Pamela Druckerman
I know this book isn’t for everyone but since I’m currently with child, I figured this was a good one to start with. I’m glad I picked it up! She is witty and describes her experience raising an American baby in a French culture. I may have to read it again before May. 
The Shoemaker’s Wife – Adriana Trigiani
I really enjoyed this novel, which was inspired by the author’s own family history. There is love, separation, war, loss, poverty, affluence and the realities of America immigrants pursuing the American dream. Very much worth the read.
The House at Tyneford – Natasha Solomons
This novel is about a young Jewish girl who is forced to leave Vienna at the brink of World War II. She ends up as a parlor maid in England and falls in love with the house master’s son. Personally, this book would make a fabulous movie.
Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks
I picked up this book after watching a movie adaptation on Netflix one night. Set during World War I in France, the book deals with love, war, loss, tragedy, and a new perspective. A lot of details (especially of the war) which I feel bring a book to life. I’m still thinking about this book.

What are some of your favorite book genres? Do you prefer an actual book or e-reader? I would love to hear some books you’ve read lately! 

2 thoughts on “Reading Lately

  1. Susie says:

    OOh, I see a couple I'm going to have to add to my to-read pile! I often find myself drawn to the World War II time frame, and wonder is it really that interesting to me or is that there are just that many books written about that time frame? Have you read The Hiding Place? I think you'd really enjoy it based on some of these choices.

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