hello, world.

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 photo IMG_7459-Version2_zps6013a183.jpg
You have turned our world upside down.
There aren’t enough words to describe the love we already have for you.
We are so blessed and privileged to have the task of raising you.

5 thoughts on “hello, world.

  1. Urban Wife says:

    Thank you so much, Monica! We are definitely trying to enjoy every moment, even the tough ones. 🙂 Sorry about the comment issues but I'm so glad you stopped by again and left this one. Be blessed!

  2. monica says:

    Aloha, your little one is absolutely precious and I am SO happy for you. I hope that things are going amazing and that you are enjoying him so much.
    (I actually thought I had commented on this post last week…I remember because that face is so perfect I know I wanted to tell you so…but I don't see my comment so maybe it didn't go through.
    God bless you and enjoy enjoy enjoy…

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