life lately {and a few weekend reading links}

Thank goodness it’s Friday!! Of course, that doesn’t mean much when you’re a mom…but still, it’s nice to have an extra set of hands around on the weekend to help with the baby.

{for sweet icy treats during hot Texas summers}
 photo DSC_0238_zpsa35b8e6b.jpg
{for ridiculous yet delicious donuts. you only live once.}
 photo IMG_1146_zpsf4ca4599.jpg

So, can I be honest for a minute? I’m still somewhat in the haze that is having a new baby and y’all, is it r-o-u-g-h. While there are plenty of awesome moments like baby laughs, smiles, snuggles and sweet sighs, the majority of the time we feel like we’re fighting an uphill battle.

{for current breakfast obsessions}
oatmeal_4 photo DSC_0311_zps10e87110.jpg

{for one day of rain in the past few months}
 photo IMG_1152_zpsbb541f71.jpg

On a lighter note, someone (and his momma, too) is THIS EXCITED about football season starting next weekend! And when I say “football season”, I’m just referring to the Florida Gators games. Obviously.

{for a baby that is no longer a newborn. sob.}
 photo IMG_1466_zps39a0b5cb.jpg

All baby stuff aside, there’s been some good eating around here. That could be because we haven’t been able to eat out thanks to a super unpredictable baby but either way, I’ll take it. It feels good to make time (30 minutes) once a week to make a menu. I let this go by the wayside for the first two months after having a baby but in the past month, I’ve made an effort to carve out the time and it has actually been fun. I scour food blogs and Pinterest for inspiration and y’all, there is plenty out there! As one of my favorite movie quotes puts it, “No excuses. Play like a champion.”

 photo IMG_1385_zps60cae727.jpg

Summer BBQ Quinoa Salad // Pictured above, this is a weekly staple around these parts. I leave out the chicken and double the chickpeas – it’s just a delicious!

How to Properly Freeze Fresh Blueberries // I can’t wait to stock up this weekend while prices are still great and the blueberries are at their peak.

Owning Your Journey // Madison writes so eloquently and concisely about embracing the journey we are each on in our lives. It’s a good reminder to stop and think about the small things that bring beauty in my life.

Coffee Pancakes // I love how Jenna takes a basic pancake recipe to the next level. If I drank coffee (which I don’t, but my husband LOVES it), these would be amazing with a cup of coffee. I think these will be on the weekend menu.

She Reads Truth // In the past (i.e. before baby), I would post a lot of my daily devotional journals on Instagram, but it’s hard now to find the time. I’m still following along and reading the devotionals and just loving the current series about Women in the Bible.

 photo IMG_1141_zps3a7146fb.jpg

Long Distance Friendships // This short post has some great ideas about how to keep the friendship spark going, even across the miles. Speaking of which, this month marks the 20th year since I’ve been friends with my BFF. (Hi Kristen!)

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!

One thought on “life lately {and a few weekend reading links}

  1. monica says:

    Oh, love all of these links and photos!
    You are doing great…Honestly, those early days (years) are brutal. Like you said, there are many moments to make it all worth while, but hang in there…And pat yourself on the back often. 🙂

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