this is why i run: cookies // day 5

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One of the top reasons I love running is because I like cookies and let’s be real, most desserts. Before you get all judge-y on me, please hear me out. Yes, I do realize that just because I run doesn’t mean eating a bunch of sweets is good for my health. Just because I ran 8 miles doesn’t mean I should go and eat a half dozen cookies, tempting as it may be. 
I’m a firm believer in the “everything in moderation” theory. If I occasionally indulge in a few sweet treats, I am okay with it. To me, there is not much sense in completely banning myself from having sweets because that approach is likely to lead to an inevitable cycle of dieting, which isn’t how I want to live my life.
When I chose running as my go-to form of exercise I quickly realized burning calories was a fairly quick process. How convenient! While you won’t find me chowing down on cookies every single day, I won’t feel quite as bad when I do indulge in the occasional cookie(s) because I know that I running allows me to have the flexibility of a balanced diet. And that includes cookies.

This is why I run.

*This post is a part of a 31 Day Writing Challenge in which I celebrate all the reasons I run. You can find links to all the posts here.

3 thoughts on “this is why i run: cookies // day 5

  1. Kristin says:

    I'm the same way: I believe in moderation in everything! I love that running gives me the freedom to splurge sometimes and I love that running helps me burn enough energy that I really don't worry about how much I eat. I must clarify by saying I eat well on a daily basis I mainly focus on quality and not on calories.

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